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April 25 - 27, 2025

Key Leader is a weekend program focusing on encouraging high school students to explore what it means to be a servant leader.

 Registration for the 2025 Key Leader Weekend will begin in January 2025. Please check back again.

Welcome to Key Leader Weekend Registration.

Please complete the registration form and submit it, and you will receive an email immediately upon completing your registration.  The registration fee for every student participant is $250, student facilitator is $150, and all adult chaperones are free except that you need to pay for a background check once every two years.  If we see that you need to renew your background check, you will receive a list of questions from Steve Lemond, Treasurer of the Martin Kiwanis Club, who will then submit your responses required for the background check and you will need to send a check for $25 payable to the Martin Kiwanis Club, P.O. Box 583, Martin, TN  38237.  When you have cleared the background check, you will be informed, and a check will be send to KI to cover that expense.

There will be some District Scholarships available for Key Leader Weekend, and you may seek sponsors from local Kiwanis Clubs, Churches, other Civic Organizations, and Individuals.  Be sure to inform your sponsor that all fees should be mailed to Linda Ramsey, Martin Kiwanis Club, P.O. Box 583, Martin, TN  38237.  All checks should be made out to the Martin Kiwanis Club.  If anyone needs help finding a sponsor, please contact Linda Ramsey at   Please register by April 18, 2025, to ensure that you receive the size t-shirt that you want.  Our event this year is April 25 - 27, 2025 at Camp Lakeshore in Eva, Tennessee.  Please don’t forget to bring your medical form and community values form with you to Key Leader Weekend.  Both forms need to be signed by you and your parents.  Be sure to check the Packing List so you don’t forget anything you might need.  I look forward to seeing you soon!


 Linda Ramsey, Key Leader Committee Chair

LAMISSTENN Kiwanis District