Community Values Agreement

Key Leader participants, adult advisors and invited guests are expected to demonstrate behavior consistent with the high ideals of the Key Leader program and should abide by the provisions of this agreement while in attendance at any Key Leader event.  Every member will respect the authority of the Key Leader district chairs and site coordinators, as well as the Kiwanis International designated staff.


Responsible Behavior

1.    Participants may not possess or consume any alcoholic beverages.

2.    Participants may not possess or use any drugs or other controlled substances, with the exception of medication prescribed for the attendee.

3.    Participants may not possess or use tobacco products.

4.    Participants are expected to abstain from any activity of a sexual nature.

5.    Participants may not possess weapons, firecrackers, or anything of a dangerous nature or act in any way unbecoming of a Key Leader.



1.    Participants staying in a camp or conference center must sleep in their assigned room or cabin.

2.    Female participants are not allowed in the room of any male participant, and male participants are not allowed in the room of any female participant.

3.    Male and female participants may be present together in cabin lounges when an adult chaperone is present.

4.    All participants are expected to abide by a curfew from 12:00 a.m. and lasting until 6:00 a.m. unless otherwise specified by the camp or conference center.  


Dress Code

1.    All participants are expected to wear “camp casual” clothing.  This includes shorts, t-shirts, jeans, sweatshirts, and closed-toe shoes.  

2.    At no time will any clothing with inappropriate language or graphics be allowed.  Any shirts, shorts, or skirts deemed to be of inappropriate length will not be allowed.  Additionally, participants will not be allowed to wear saggy clothing.  Flip-flops or sandals are not appropriate for a Key Leader event because of the nature of activities in which students will participate.

3.    All participants are required to wear name badges for all weekend events.



1.    Violations of this agreement will result in notification to the respective nominator and sponsor.

2.    Violations involving destruction of property, or possession, consumption or use of alcoholic beverages or controlled substances will result in dismissal of the attendee from the event.

3.    Notification, in writing, will be made by the Key Leader International staff or his or her representative, to the participant’s high school, and to the parents of any member disciplined under this section.

4.    The Key Leader program has been designed as a complete educational experience from 4 pm on        Friday afternoon through 11:30 am on Sunday morning.  All participants are expected to attend the          full experience and these values will be in effect during this whole time. 


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By signing this document, I acknowledge that I am aware that photos taken of me during the event weekend may be published in magazines, Web or other marketing and promotional materials.